Walking Road | English Stories

Few days before when im walking in the road  . there was an van coming slowly in the same road there was an girl the van come near that girl suddenly the girl was kidnapped in the van  . there are many kidnapping case happening in our state but this time it was happened near me I saw it by my two eyes , I went to police station and complained about this and police asked the details about the car , like the which type of the car , car name , car  color , where the incident happens and I said every details about the car that It was a maruthi car , the color of the car is white and it happened near the market , and police said If you get any information about this please inform me .

At night itself her parents comes to police station and complained about she was missing and the next day morning police called him and show him the photo of that girl and asked this was the girl you see ,  and he said yes this was that girl kidnapped , then police said okay lts check  CCTV  for more information lets find who was the kidnapper . he went to one shop near that road to find the person, after a minute police also joined their and he tells the shop keeper to show 10.30 AM  footage , he sees the van coming near the girl he showed that to the police , they were look like a students like school or college student .

I said there was two boys inside the car one is tall and another one is medium height boy and now I can remember their face clearly and then police called me to the police station and showed me all the robbers and criminals pictures to find them but I didn’t see the similar face their , one day I saw the boy in the road he was near the hotel buying foods after that I followed him though the way he went finally he entered into the big shop it was like a mall it has a basement no one will enter the basement there was  her and he called a police and give them the address and said them to come fast

Within 10 minutes the police arrived , while the police entering in the shop they runned in another way , I have caught one but others escaped because that was a busy area so , and they went police station with the one boy and beat him severely but he didn’t suppose to tell anything about the gang and they went to place to search for the evidence and they get one laptop so called hacker to open the laptop and get information from it they were the gang they sell girls to another state and with using the GPS they found the others and Saved the girl from the gang not only the one they have saved many girls from the gang , now a days there was no safety for girls he done a good job here so the police give him award and the girls family said thanks for saving their daughters life .

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