The second chance | Kids Stories

There is a beautiful married couple lived in Australia. But they are Indians .The boy was Haris and The girl name is Jessy. After that marriage they faced many problems. Their parents doesn’t like their love marriage. Both are working in the small shop there earning is not satisfied. So that they can’t able to live a happy life. Even a new dress also they can’t able to buy. So that Jessy gave an idea to start a bakery. On next day haris went to bank to apply a loan for 2lakhs. After A month they get a money and started A bakery. Bakery is gaining more money they paid their loan money also. Everything is going good .One day night some gangsters came to their house and blackmailed them because of them their bakery is full in loss they Said You must stop the bakery. After they went Haris called the police and told everything about them policeman called both of them to the police station. They went and wrote a complaint against them. Police take A action and put them in the jail. Haris and Jessy thought that the problem was over they don’t know that the problem was begin. After few months later they came out and give heavy torcher. Then one day Haris gave 20lakhs to finish this problem between them they accepted and get the money.

    After that their is no torcher from then. They lived happy after that and She invited Her family family dinner one night. She invested 30,000rs for dinner food. And she interested in buying new dresses she bought 10 New dresses. He invested the amount in the land and bought a land. Day by day they getting rich in The short period of time. But their aim is not to become a big man in the industry. Their aim is to become a successful man and also their aim to be a best sports man. Haris is interested in athletics she is intrested in long Jump. Both of them joined in the academy to achieve their own goals. Few months the training is going on. Both of them participated in the Olympics .But Haris is not get prizes. Jessy get 2nd prize in the Olympics. But he joined for another time in the academy and practicing everyday to achieving A gold in the Olympics.

    He works very hard. At last he achieved a gold in the athletics 100mts then only his goal get finished. Achievement of both them is get proud to them. One day in the newspaper they put a story about their life to achieve their goal. Everything is achieved by them. First one is achieved in opening a bakery. Second one is achieved their Olympics dream. third one is achieved a dream in life they won their own life they are the only couples who achieve their dream like this. After finishing this everything only they started their own personal life.

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