old house | English Childhood Stories

There is an old house in a colony  .   A new family is coming that old house . there is girl  , her name is soniya . she was arranging a furniture in her house . while arranging at the end she saw a diary in the desk. She went near to that diary and take it her hand . in that diary there was a word  “ if you read this everyone will die “. She doesn’t bother about anything and started reading that book . the small cat in her house was died . she was not even finished the first page . next day she went at shopping for an mall. While entering into the mall she smiled at one old man . after finishing the shopping she come back and saw that the old man was dead . when she entering into her house her cat was dead in front of her house . she doesn’t tell to anyone in the house . after thinking for few minutes the girl suddenly think about that diary is the reason for the problems before reading that diary she doesn’t believe that but now she believing that the words in the diary is true . if the diary was taken by anyone they have to read it the full story in the diary . there was an beautiful couples in that city they are the best models . ore fans for them .  the boy name is prince and the girl name is jerry .

 one day jerry is not feeling well . she was in her house , prince went to the work , prince has a best friend , his name is George . George is one of the but not best as prince and jerry . they were more popular , George don’t like this because he is not popular . so that he decide to kill them both . George paid more money to kill prince and jerry . at that time prince was not there in the home . while entering into the house the gang killed jerry and prince , this was the true story written by their son William . after that he was died because of the brain cancer . the old house is the beautiful couples house , after the soniya entered into the house , the spirit entered into the soniya’s body for the George . now George is the popular model in the society , she directly she directly went to his office and killed him in the rest room . the spirits leaved them because she helped them , she started her life happily with her family , but still her family doesn’t know about what happened to her . she doesn’t tell anything about that . after few days police came there for an enquiry to enquire about George case . she said I don’t know about him , police said that you’re the only one who went to that office on that day , she said yeah ,  but I just went for an interview that’s it . and police enquired a lot and dint get anything about the ase so they closed the file as suicide case .

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