My Name Jack | English Kids Stories

There was friend of me . his name is jack . he was a good meme creator , he started his meme creating in school itself , he was an die hard fan of actor vijay ,one day he put a meme about politics so there was an message about the meme .  he thought that what was wrong with it and started putting memes about politics it was funny to read , within a  month he reached more than 100k followers . each and everyday he created a very meme , it was so hard to create a mem funny , we have to think creative , and want to get a template and edit it thoroughly .

Because of his hard work his page get viral on social media , one day he put a meme wrong about the politicians it gone viral , his area MLA come to his house and warned him and to stop creating memes about politicians . after that incident his meme page was hacked and the hacker put wrong memes about the politicians and actors etc … 

At the day itself police come to his house and arrest him and put a file on him on police station . after putting FIR the police enquire about the memes , more than 100 fans are waiting out side the police station for protest against him, he said that one day MLA  come to my home said that here after you don’t create mems if you create I will kill you after that I stopped creating mems . now seriously I don’t know what happening here I think that may be my account was get hacked buy someone so please leave me . police said that I don’t know you want to tell everyone that you created this memes , but he said no  I don’t know I do nothing .

Next day police  produced him in the court , while judge asking about the memes to him he said no im not the one who created the memes , I think my account of hacked by someone , even I said this to police but they wont believe me . and judge give permissions to check that the meme page was hacked or not and they called specialized hacker to find that one , after some minutes they find the hacker her name kavya he was there near Shankar house . she was the one who put wrong about the politicians and actors before two minutes only the account get deactivated .and that he proved he was not the meme creator after this he created new meme page and started his journey again with meme creating of love failure and funny memes . meme creators are the great persons we all don’t know how much struggles they are facing in their life, they sacrifice many thing to make others happily . the only person who don’t know who are us but making us smile when seeing their post . 

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