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Every middle class boys has a dream bike and a dream girl. Most of them are love failure because of true love,  because of the true love only boys started drinking alcohol. Me and my friends are in middle class family, my friend was in love with one girl. She looks like an angel but she doesn’t know he is a middle class boy. 

They two loves truly. But he doesn’t have a bike. She doesn’t know that. Always takes his friend bike and  pick her . One day his friend bike was in mechanical shop . She called him to came and pick her . He said that bike was repaired so it was in mechanical shop . She come directly to his area. While she came but he was not there . She saw a mechanical shop and his bike there asked the mechanic where he went, The mechanic said i dont know. Few minutes later he come to the mechanic shop. He was shocked after seeing her there. And ask how did you come here? She was said i come here to surprise you. The mechanic said the bike was ready you can take it and go.

He get the bike and dropped her in her house. She said that we can for outing tomorrow. He thought about his friend has a work tomorrow. He said that my friend have an important work tomorrow so he asked for a bike. She asked that he is more important then meme. He said No, she said then bring a bike tomorrow.

Argument went wrong. So he said the truth that Im a middle class and  I dont have a bike. She said one word lets break up and blocked him.  He called her many times but no response she switched off her mobile. He call his friend he camed both went to cool bar and he started drinking. Because of this types of girl the bars are running. Next day he went to her and talked to her but she was not ready to ask anything from him. Few months he was thinking about her and her memories and after that he started his life with Friends but no one is true by their heart. They too left him. He get a job with salary of 15 k. After few months he buy a new bike. 

While driving in the road one day he saw his ex girlfriend . She feels guilty but he shows his attitude there  and went. She feels that she missed him in her life.  At past she loves money so she didnt get her true love.  She understand that everything is her fault.but boys are always same so he comed back to her and said be with me always and don’t leave me . She accepted him.

Next day he met with an accident while going to his friend marriage. SHe heard the news and went to hospital. She asked to the doctor want happened to him. The doctor said that his eye  power is gone. Now he cannot able to see anyone. We have to do Operation for him after six months. She care him like a small baby. Inch by inch she cares everything. After 6 months he got a eye by her. He was shocked. He cried literally. True love can give anything.

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