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Two boys are playing the street with their friends one boy name is Mohamed another one is Moorthy. Both of them studying in same school one day Mohamed’s mother joined him in the tuition on the day itself he saw a beautiful girl in the tuition. Her name is Ayisha Fathima. He started his love in 10th standard itself .But The girl doesn’t no that Mohamed love her she thought that he is only friend not more than that. The Tution teacher is very friendly with that boy Mohamed. After Finishing 10th standard Mohamed proposed Her but she said won’t love You because my mother is my everything. But she doesn’t stop talking with Mohamed. A few days later result date was announced by the government .Mohamed and ayisha was talking friendly. Atlast the result day was came both of the good marks she gave A chocolate To Mohamed. Few days later they started talking in phone by texting. Mohamed love that girl deeply. He knows more than everything than Her .Hours and Hours are gone but still they talking. Everything is has been changed due to deep love.

 He is not studying well in the school. But he doesn’t bother about that. He talking in the phone for more hours. At last she said that she loves her on April 2nd 2017 night 12.30am. But he doesn’t belive her and started asking continuously she said yes I’m in love with You. After few days later there was A problem in the Ramzan time. She said to Mohamed that someone is following while going to school. One day Mohamed went to asking for some notes from ayisha the boy who is following her see Mohamed and he came asked that he loves ayisha or not. At that time he said no we are friends. He continuously asking about Her but she said to Mohamed don’t say anything about our love. But Mohamed said they were loves each other. After that only main problem started everyone knows that Mohamed loves ayisha but he doesn’t know anything. But Mohamed friends know that she loves Mohamed. Only one matter is that the boy doesn’t know anything about Mohamed. He is also have gang in the school.

The boy said that I won’t belive You tell Her to say that she loves You. He said OK come tomorrow she will say. Both of them went she came and said that she loves Mohamed. Don’t come in my way and went. After that the boy stopped following ayisha. The problem was over. Ramzan came Mohamed bought a Saree and gave to Her. She put that Saree and sent A pics. One day Tution was closed due to Sunday but Mohamed said to The Tution teacher that he wants give some notes to ayisha. But hir Tution teacher not allow them to come to Tution. He compel his Tution to keep Tution on Sunday but she doesn’t allow them. She said that You wants to give notes to her come give it and go. Next day they came in the morning Mohamed went earlier and she came late. Mohamed hugged her tightly and saying that I won’t Leave you at any situation.

At that time Tution came and see them. She said I don’t like to see your faces just get out from my house. They came out after that problem ayisha stopped talking. But Mohamed compel Her to talk. At last she said Let’s break Up. Is it OK to You talk with me other wise I will block You. Mohamed said OK I will be like friend with You. They started talking like a friends. But Mohamed loves Her. After few days she said that In her family they fixed marriage. So You just forget the past years. At last Dec 15th 2019 she get married with someone. She started her life with someone. But still Mohamed  loves Her.

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