How To Make Money With Google Adsense | Chapter 10


Fast Content Creation

You need to have good content on your sites in order to appeal to the visitors to your sites who may be looking for information. You also need to appeal to search engine spiders that will eventually determine your web pages rankings in the search engines. It is not difficult to achieve this. All that you need to do is to have well written and properly researched articles in your website that follow essential SEO.

I have gone through the SEO steps you need to undertake to make your web pages SEO ready. But if you want a better understanding of SEO, just make sure you go through my guide book, SEO Bully, which you downloaded when you received this blueprint.

The articles that you include in your AdSense sites need to be useful. I experimented in the past with building large sites with generic rubbish articles. Yes you will get some clicks to them, but the Return on Investment (ROI) will not be very good and your sites will e very good and your sites will be deindexed if the content is really poor. It seems that search engines, Google mainly, have a very sophisticated way of determining quality in articles. I do not work at Google Headquarters, so I can not give any definitive inside scoop of how they do it. I have heard bits and pieces here and there, but at the end of the day it he day it is just speculation. In the end, in is just speculation. In the end, in order to make money, all you need to know is that poor quality content is a bad l oor quality content is a bad long term ong term investment.

I spent several months writing the content for my first website that was on the topic of bad credit loans. I then spent a few months writing the content for my second site that was about insurance. I am not a web designer but I used Dreamweaver to design both of them myself. So they were quite ugly and amateur looking. The loan site had about 100 pages and the insurance site had about 50.

These sites have been up for over 8 years now. I do not promote them in any way and I do absolutely nothing to them. As I mentioned earlier on, I stopped concentrating on these large content type sites after my loan site got de-indexed. Nevertheless, despite no effort from me for several years, both of them are still making me over $1500 per month in total. The reason that those two sites for example have been doing so well over the years is that they have good and useful content. If your content has value, there is no reason why you could not exchange that value for money. Quality content will pay for itself many times over for many years to come. What could you do with a passive cash injection of $18,000 every year?

management case studies was a real drag for me to say the least. I was just too comfortable with design and solving mathematical problems. Writing still is outside my comfort zone. Writing this report was not much of an effort though because I really am just writing what I already know and have experienced.

I did not need to do any extra research for writing this blueprint. The research had already been done and I know the results by heart. Also a big chunk of the meat of this report is based on my email exchanges with people I have taught this system to. And finally, writing something about the marketing of breakfast cornflakes in order for it to then be graded by some pompous Professor is totally different from writing about something that you are confident will change many peoples lives for the better.

I had to rescue my brother from losing his family’s home in Michigan recently. Although I wished that he had taken up my offer to teach him how to make money online several years ago, he declined, as he “hates” the internet and does not really have any spare time. He works very hard at his job and the little spare time he has, he spends with his young children. I can understand his perspective completely. Nonetheless, knowing that I am in a position to help my brother and other people that I care about is reward enough. But being able to teach other hard working people who I may not personally know the money making skills I have learnt, is even more of a prize. So writing this blueprint was totally effortless, even though I generally do not like writing.

It is for this reason of disliking writing that It is for this reason of disliking writing that I was quite overjoyed to find out about how easy as quite overjoyed to find out about how easy it was to get cheap writing done through various online websites. There is no way I would be doing the volume of sites I am doing today if I did not start outsourcing all of my writing early on.

Note though, that is not essential to outsource when you are starting out. If you are short of funds or just really enjoy doing research and writing, then by all means do it yourself. Also some people may prefer to build only a few very large sites on topics they are passionate about, in this case you can do well by writing your own quality content.

But to be honest, however you look at, you will eventually need to hire people or outsource various parts of your online endeavours if you really want to hit those high AdSense income numbers. I do not know of anybody online who is in the mid six figures or 7 figure range who does not either outsource or employ people.

As currently I outsource all of my article writing, I figured that the best way of showing you how to write the best articles for your AdSense sites is to show you how I post a “writer wanted” project description on the freelancer sites and what I then include in the Project Specifications that I send to the chosen a writer. I will discuss outsourcing in detail later on in this blueprint.

NOTE that the Project Specifications is not what I would post in the freelance sites like Elance or at, but it is what I would send PRIVATELY to the eventual winning bidder or to my employee. So please DO NOT post the below Project Specifications on some freelancing site. The below Project Specification should just be used to give you an idea on how I like my articles to be written.

If you decide to outsource, make sure that you write your own Writer Wanted Project Description when you post to the freelancer sites. The reason is because you are not me. My life experiences has tuned me into a different person to you, so I am erson to you, so I am honed to seeing honed to seeing things in a particular way. If you present a description exactly like me, you will not ption exactly like me, you will not be tuned be tuned  to any mistakes or errors that the articles may have. You need to write your own descriptions so that you will be in touch with it and understand what to expect from your writers.

The project description you post on the freelance site should not cover all of the details as you may inadvertently reveal your money making secrets. You will need to send the full project details i.e. Project Specifications, only to the writer with the winning bid.

Anyway, below is a Project Specification that I have actually sent to a writer. It is only the niches and keywords that have been changed. Reading it will give you an idea of how your articles should be written and how your outsourced writers should write their articles if you choose to outsource that task. Remember that this is a just a guideline of how I get good articles written. You should be ready to create your own approach to get good articles written. All that matters are that the articles are good, useful and SEO friendly.

Even with such detailed specifications, like in any project management task, you will need to follow up on your writers.

Note that in the Project Specification example below, I am asking the writer to write 60 articles for me. The number could 5 or 20, 30 or whatever your requirements are and budget permits. Just make sure though that the writer is able to complete it in less than a month. Ideally the project should be small enough to be completed within less than 2 weeks if you are dealing with an individual writer. Less than a month if dealing with a team of writers. Having to wait for more than a month is risky in that if the writer falls ill, gets bored or gets more lucrative writing projects, you will have wasted a whole month. So outsource in small batches so as to get more practical and faster turnaround times.

Example of Project Specifications Sent To Selected Writer:

Thank you for your introduction email and for accepting the project.

I need 60 original and unique articles that are structurally and grammatically correct. Below you will find keyword phrases (kw) which will provide the subject matter for each article.

Each one of those keyword (kw) phrases should be included in the title of its respective article.

Each of those kw phrases should also appear at least twice more within the article, but not more than four times within the article. Make sure to include this kw phrase in the first and last paragraph. The writing style for each article should just be natural.

Each article should comprise of at least 500 words. It can be as long as you need it to be. Ideally each article should also have at least 4 paragraphs.

I do not need to restate the importance of all the articles being original and unique as I will not pay for nor accept articles copied from somewhere else.

All of the article topics will be in groups of 6. I would like each of the articles to be saved in its own PLAIN TEXT file with the keyword phrase as the file title. Then all the group of 6 text files can be saved in a folder that can then be emailed or downloaded by me.

Writing Style

Try to use more synonyms and variations of the phrase whenever possible within the article. This just seems more natural to the reader. For example, “laptop batteries “and “batteries for laptops” are interchangeable.”Women’s shoes” and “ladies footwear” are also interchangeable. Also “distance learning programs” and “distance studying programs” and

“distance degree programs” and “distance education programs” are also all interchangeable.

“Washington real estate”, “real estate for Washington”, ” properties for Washington”, ” real estate for Washington”, “homes for sale in Wa.” and ” houses for sale in Washington ” are all interchangeable with each other. All this will enhance the readability of the article as that is how somebody writing naturally would write. You probably already realize this but I just wanted to emphasize it.

Let’s say the primary keyword phrase for an article is “job interview tips”. I would expect this article to have certain words in them if written in a natural style. Words like employment, career, hiring, salary, employee, management, CV and resume would be expected to occur somewhere within the article. I am not saying that all those words should be in the article, but one would expect an article about the Residence of the Queen of England to have Buckingham Palace somewhere in it in the same way an article about Indian Independence to have” Mahatma Gandhi”, “Jawaharlal Nehru”, “1947” or “Britain” somewhere in it. This just makes sense when writing naturally and informatively.

This is how I would like you to write the articles.

Choosing Article Content

The articles need to be useful to the reader. They will be used for web content. People read online articles usually in order to solve a problem of some type. They do this by finding information about that problem they have. The articles you write will need to be informative to help someone solve a problem. These problems could be someone looking for information on an illness, best online wedding dress shops, best places to visit in Alaska, best boarding schools etc.

People also always want to make money, save money or save time. Writing articles that are reviews, comparisons, solutions, recommendations of the best products and services, warnings and dangers – always help people solve problems, save money, make money or save time.

Common sense should prevail when choosing article content. By this I mean you can simply do a search online to find the meaning of any topic if you are not sure. If the topic phrase is “Orlando Replacement Windows”, then you need to understand that Orlando is a city in the USA. Therefore someone making such a search is looking for replacement window services that deal with people living in Orlando; they are not looking for the movie actor Orlando Bloom’s windows.

A review of 2 or 3 such services, importance of replacement windows, cost of replacement windows, different types of replacement windows and what to look for when choosing them or a combination of any of those angles would make for a nice and useful article for example. A Writer in the past, who I am not using anymore, wrote about the “Orlando replacement Windows” company. The article clearly showed that the company did not exist (if it did the writer knew nothing about it) and was just full of useless generic fluff.

For example if the topic is “Los Angeles Moving Companies”. The article could be about what to look for in a moving company in Los Angeles. It could also be about reviews of 3 or 4 good Los Angeles moving companies. Whatever you decide to write on, it needs to clearly match what the searcher was looking for.

If you search at Google for “Los Angeles moving companies BBB”, without the quotes, you will probably get an outcome of a few good Los Angeles movers. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. Companies with too many complaints against usually will not have the BBB sticker on their site. You are welcome to use other means to identify good services. Top 3 results from Google are usually quite Ok to use as well.

You can use the information on the “About Us” and “homepages” pages of most sites to write a decent review of most companies.

If the article topic keyword is “Moving House Boxes”, the article should contain a review or two of where to get Moving House Boxes or what to look for in good Moving House Boxes or How to Avoid Using Bad Moving House Boxes, etc.

Note that unless, otherwise stated or indicated in the topic keyword, all the articles are for United States of America

readers. Thus, the services reviewed need to be from the United States and be serving the USA.

About The Article Title

The title needs to be interesting. A short catchy sentence. This habit will assist in all future writing projects. The title must answer a question or give a benefit that somebody might be asking or wanting to know about and hence maintain their interest in reading the article to get the answer or information they are seeking. Remember this is all about marketing.

For example if the keyword phrase was, “Computer Recycling Services”, possible article titles are:

“Top 10 Computer Recycling Services”

“Best Computer Recycling Services”

“Leading Computer Recycling Services”

“Reviews of Computer Recycling Services”

“Reasons for Using Computer Recycling Services”

“Five Reasons why you should use Computer Recycling Services”

“How Computer Recycling Services help the Environment”

“How to use Computer Recycling Services”

“Benefits of Computer Recycling Services”

“How Computer Recycling Services Save the Planet”

“How the Environment Profits from Computer Recycling Services”

“How your children will be saved by Computer Recycling Services”

“Secrets of Computer Recycling Services”

“Why you must use Computer Recycling Services”

“Why every Patriot must use Computer Recycling Services”

“If you love your country the use Computer Recycling Services”

“Do not abuse technology, Use Computer Recycling Services”

“Why the Smartest Americans use Computer Recycling Services”

“Why Smart People Computer Recycling Services”

“Why Graduates use Computer Recycling Services”

“How Computer Recycling Services Save your Kids” etc.

I       could go on and on. You could also look for any coffee table magazine to get an idea of what sort of article titles attract viewers. Note that all the first letters of each word in the title are capitalized. I know this is obvious for most writers, but it is a common mistake in the article submissions I receive.

Generally, articles having the following types of phrases often attract readers:


When to …

How to…

7 Tips to….

II        Tips…

10 Tips on…

Secrets to….

Top Tips on…

Revealed: ….



Advice Uncovered Unveiled How can I Where can you What can I Free When can I How do it

Wheoveren1 Which is How much Where can I Wanted Advise Found Hints and tips Hints Tips Which Best Exposed First Only Cheapest Fastest Quickest Latest Buy Low Price Lowest Price Get Rid of Bargain Fight For Sale Discount Wanted… Etc.

They always make articles appear interesting. Try to use the above type of phrases for the majority of the titles in each group of articles. Also do not forget to include the primary keyword phrase as well in the title.

LSI Integration

Under each keyword phrase, there is a list of 10 LSI terms. Please naturally weave all of these 10 terms into different parts of the article. The result will be a much better article. In the very rare circumstances when you can not weave a particular LSI word in a particular article, then by all means exclude it from the article and let me know you have excluded that particular LSI word. This should not really happen though as the LSI words have been carefully chosen to fit in with the primary keyword.

More About the 8-12 Word Article Description

do not use “article” in the sentence that describes the article. The person reading the article already knows that it is an article. That is why most newspaper articles do not describe themselves as articles, because the reader already knows that it is an article.

For a sample article keyword phrase of “recycling systems”, the 10 worded article descriptions should be something like:

“Discover what are the best recycling systems used for different countries”. This description can be between 8 to 12 words, but it must contain the article keyword phrase.

The description is really a short sentence describing the benefit of reading the article and should attempt to tease you into reading the article. It should describe what you will discover, learn, find, or know etc after reading the article. It is teaser/taster to make the reader want to continue reading the article. Below are some examples of benefit teasing descriptions. Note that being sentences, they all end with a full stop (period), like any normal sentence.

“Come out with the best possible results with commodity trading software that works.”

“Find out new baby shower party ideas to make your party fun and memorable.”

“Discover what currency trading is all about and how you too can join the fun.”

“How doing a so called people background check can save you money later on.”

The description of the article should just not be a statement about the article, but rather a description about it. For example in an article with the keyword of “eye contact lenses”, a bad description is: ” Eye contact lenses have replaced the bulky reading glasses because they are comfortable to wear and convenient “.

This description is really just a statement. It does not describe the article. A better description based on that bad description would be:

Find out why eye contact lenses have replaced the bulky reading glasses“.

As you can see from reading this description, you can get an idea of what the article is about.


Sometime the article keyword or LSI term will be misspelled deliberately, leave the intentional misspellings as they are when you do the spell check. One thing, try to include the LSI words exactly as they may appear. So if one of the LSI words is misspelt, just include it as the misspelling. Do not correct it. Popular misspellings are often a very good source of traffic.

Also if a kw phrase or LSI term has a British spelling like “colour”, do not change it to its American equivalent. The LSI words are very carefully selected for SEO purposes, so just include them exactly as they have been listed.

About Plain Text Files

Please do send the completed article files as plain text documents (notepad), Not as MS WORD files. If you do not know what I am talking about please ask me or do a quick search on Google.

Below is a full list of the article keyword phrases that are to be used as the subject matter for the different topics. There are several groups of 6 keywords depending on how many projects you are doing for me. So there could be 3 or 10 groups of 6 keywords. Please ensure that each of the seven related articles are in their own folders, preferably with the first keyword in the list as the folder title. Therefore when you submit the work to me there should be X folders, each with 6 articles. (X is the number of groups of articles you will be writing for me)

Important: These keyword phrases need to be included once in the title of the article and up to four times within the article itself, but never more than four times in the body of the article as alternative words should be used.

…………………………………… X* 6 Keyword Phrases……………………………………

Group 1

Installing laminate flooring

LSI: formica,rating,discount,concrete,cork,kronoswiss,tarkett,parquet,plank,compare

westhollow laminate flooring

LSI: laminate,flooring,estimate,find,vinyl,floor,glue,laminated,shaw,floors

swiftlock laminate flooring

LSI: best,bruce,mannington,wilsonart,installation,manufacturers,forums,krono,manufacturer,sale

balta laminate flooring

LSI: laying,diy,armstrong,installing,glueless,of,oak,suppliers,dupont,cheap installing trafficmaster flooring

LSI: price,buy,cheapest,install,canada,do,it,yourself,how,to

installing glueless laminate flooring

LSI: tips,bathroom,wood,kitchen,phoenix,kronotex,tiles,underlay,harmonics,swiftlock

Group 2

single mom dating

matchmaking,making,lesbian,agencies,introductions,assistance,russian,brides,first,looking dating no no’s


men dating single moms program,famdy,meet,jobs,studies,travel,child,forums,vacation,help

single mother dating forum,blog,effects,of,financial,for,women,4,submissive,relationships

single mom dating tips seeking,man,men,2,leave,love,working,shoes,approaching,mothers

why women reject men mother,children,father,woman,fathers,dads,kids,relationship,divorced,teen

Group 3

negotiation skills training education,relationship,professional,programs,learning,programme,for,good,employees,in

harvard negotiation project negotiations,skills,negotiating,courses,negotiation,sales,course,skill,training,effective

negotiation skills training courses debt,florida,harvard,project,certification,labor,crisis,and,hostage,contract

crisis negotiation training contracts,telecom,improving,interpersonal,leadership,customer,service,development,people, telephone

interpersonal skills training debt,florida,harvard,project,certification,labor,crisis,and,hostage,contract

soft skills training contracts,telecom,improving,interpersonal,leadership,customer,service,development,people, telephone

Group 4


Group 5


Group 6


Group 7


Group 10

designer pocket watches eos,plated,dress,casual,sport,lady’s,wenger,invicta,casio,swimming

collector’s watches


cartier women’s watches


men’s pocket watches


colibri pocket watch

strap,oris,dealers,cartier,tv,winder,automatic,gruen, 18k,band

men’s swiss army watches


……………………………….. Endof X*6 Keyword Phrases……………………………………

Please send me 1-3 sample articles after you complete them so that I can confirm we are on the same page. Before you send the sample articles, please review the project details again. Because like every other human, I would rather not repeat myself. This project is just about writing 500 worded grammatically correct and LSI friendly articles with the keyword phrase appearing in the title and up to four times within the body of the article. Also required is the 8-12 worded article description. That’s it.

Here is a checklist of 8 things you should check for each article before sending them to me. Use it as it will save both of us allot of email exchanges.


1.          Use the search function of your text editor to check that the keyword phrase appears 2 – 4 times in the body of the article. Make sure that the article primary keyword is in the first and last paragraph.

2.          Make sure that the enticing 8-12 worded article description has the “article keyword phrase” in it. The description is a normal sentence, therefore only the first letter of the first word needs to be capitalized. Exceptions to this apply like any normal sentence (names of people, countries etc.)

3.          Make sure that the article keyword is in the article title. Ensure that the first letter of each word in the article title is capitalized.

4.          Ensure that all of the 10 LSI terms are integrated in the article.

5.          I trust you are competent with the English language, so proofread the article to make sure there are no obvious grammatically mistakes or broken English sentences. Do a spell check and word count to ensure there 500 words or more in the body of the article. Sometimes the keyword or LSI term will be misspelled deliberately, leave the intentional misspellings as is. Ensure there is a space between the paragraphs.

6.          The name of the plain text files where the articles are saved are all named EXACTLY after the primary

keyword phrase for that article. Not similar or close to or the same meaning, but the text file name needs to be

7.          That all of the articles for each of the 6 related keywords in a group are in their own folders. So you will be sending me X folders in total each containing 6 articles. The folders should be named by the first keyword in the group of 6 articles so that I can quickly identify what is supposed be in that folder.

8.          In addition, avoid using any fancy formatting like bullet points (•) or anything else as it will all appear as hmend charactembwhen I load them into my system from the plain text files. Instead of using bullets, just use

If I feel that you are not the right person for the project, I will terminate the project and pay you for any work done until that point. Obviously I will let you know about it via email or by whichever method we have been communicating to date. If I am not the right webmaster for you or you feel that the project is not a good fit for your talents, I hope you will let me know about it promptly and ask me to cancel it.

The instant you feel that you are unable to finish the project on time for whatever reason, please let me know. There will be no hard feelings from my part as long as I am informed. Also, please let me know if your estimated time for completion of the project changes considerably from the one you placed in your bidding. I need to know in advance when to roughly expect the articles. For some inexplicable reason, there are extraordinarily very high levels of fevers, flu, server crashes, flooding, fires, computer breakdowns, diarrhoea and general bad luck it seems amongst freelance article writers. The only malaise I have not heard of yet is an attack by locusts. So please, if you feel that something is going to happen to you that will delay project completion, send me a message and let me know. It would be just professional courtesy to do so.

My email address as you know is: [email protected]. If I do not respond within a day to your email, please use the interface for contacting me.

I assume this may be a long document with extraneous details for an experienced writer, but I just feel I should explain as best as I can what I am looking for. I will be happy to answer any questions or make further clarifications.

I look forward to working with you.

Please confirm that you have received this message.

More about the Article Title

In the above project description, I have asked the writer to write an interesting title for each article. Make sure though that the title is not too specific as otherwise it will limit the number of people who may click through to read the article.

As a result, you may find it safer to just make the primary keyword phrase of the article as the article title. I have done this recently for 100 of my sites as a test.

So for example in an article for the primary keyword phrase of “eye contact lenses”, the description could be: “Find out how understanding the basics of eye contact lenses can help you make better purchasing decisions

The article title would be just: ” Eye Contact Lenses”.

What I have discovered though from my testing was that neither the profitability of my sites nor the click through rate to the ads, changed at all. They remained more or less the same.

Therefore you might find that just using the primary keyword as the article title is a good we’stfessvfl<5imhiioe make^aMes^8fees,?ones;iifaBtrd<Th§t<oise tewbpfiveMlM As a fact, Google for example has actual real people who manually visit websites that are in the Google index to check their quality, amongst other things. A website that has all of its article titles being just keywords will not give you any extra points in passing a manual inspection from Google’s quality assurance brigade. So in other words, even though there may be no SEO advantage in using a creative article title, there is a benefit in that it makes your articles appear less spammy.

Just do what you are comfortable with though. Either way works just fine as far as income earned is concerned.

Content for Physical Products

I stated in an earlier chapter that I like creating websites that cover tangible physical products as opposed to intangible services. Saying this, I have many profitable sites that cover services and other intangibles as well.

If you choose to build sites around physical products, you should tap into the reviews and product descriptions of those products that you can find from online affiliate sites, Amazon, eBay,, product manufacturers, etc. Completely rewriting those reviews and descriptions is an easy way of getting content. Don’t forget to tap into offline product catalogues as well.

However you source your content, be factual and do not hype anything up. Whether you decide to write about the experience of using a particular product or about the features of that product, ensure that you are descriptive and that you do not lie. Remain neutral but informative.

You have to remember that this is not affiliate marketing You do not need to presell anything.

If outsourcing, make sure you relay the above information to your writers.

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