9th standard Vinoth | Childhood English Stories

Once upon a time there is a boy who was studying in 9 th standard . his name is zakir every year new students were join in the school  , one boy come to zakie ‘ s class . he look like a bad boy because his appearance look like that only . zakir is the last bench student , he also sit in the last bench , zakir asked to the new boy his name , he said my name is pavan kumar . from that they become a friends , next day he come late for the class , teacher asked why are late today , he said I don’t know the timing of this school , my previous school  timing is 8.30 , teacher said okay this is the last warning tomorrow you should be in time this school  timing is 8 am , then he allowed him inside the lass room and then zakir asked to him why are late today he said that I went to one marriage and come late night to the home , so I cant able to come on time for the class ,  but I know the timing I just lie to her , one day pavan called zakir for an cricket match on Saturday and Sunday and zakir said ok I will come . and both went to the ground and pavan introduced his friends about zakir . they played the match well  . 

while getting back to the home they drink juices and ate ice creams and pani poori , next day zakir get cold and stomach pain. After finishing the school pavan asked him what happened to you , he said im suffering from cold and the stomach pain , pavan said okay lets go for an walk , it will be alright now , everyday is going like this . one day in the class pavan said that he love one girl his their class , zakir asked that who is she , pavan said Im in love with priya and zakir helped to  find her home and pavan proposed her she said okay to him both started loving now that another boy named vinoth also loves priya deeply for long time , but pavan don’t know that , one day vinoth call pavan and said him that I love priya but pavan said no we both ae in relationship even priya said that we both are in relationship  so don’t disturb us but vinoth said to pavan that please leave her I love her truly and deeply but pavan disagree with it and said I never leave her at any situation . vinoth gets anger and grabbed his shirt collar . zakir gets anger and beat vinoth hardly . 

vinoth gets tensed and said wait here itself I will call and come friends and zakir also called his friends and both talked everything and went after this fight they two became very close . days passed after some days pavan said that I love one girl her name is laksmi  ,  zakir shocked and ask what about priya then , pavan said that was just for fun , im in love with laksmi for three years and zakir said ok leave it and come lets go for an marriage but pavan didn’t come he said that I have an important work to do so you leave , zakir mother didn’t like pavan so she said to avoid pavan but zakir no I cannot I never him on any situation .

 the next day was an Diwali so pavan called zakir for crack the crackers but his mother didn’t like this so he beat him hardly in the road and went to pavan house and said her mom that don’t allow him to talk with my son and left the place , zakir cry for the whole day and after few days zakir went to see pavan and talked to him , he stayed silently so he sked sorry to him he said okay leave everything and zakir hugged him and say sorry , pavan smile and zakir said I will never leave you at any situation 

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